NeSPoon: Wishes And Hopes For 2018

As we draw closer to the new year we’ve asked a very special guest every day to take a moment to reflect on 2017 and to tell us about one photograph that best captures the year for them. It’s an assortment of treats to surprise you with every day – to enjoy and contemplate as we all reflect on the year that has passed and conjure our hopes and wishes for 2018. This is our way of sharing the sweetness of the season and of saying ‘Thank You’ to each of you for inspiring us throughout the year.


From the West Bank to Moscow to Chernobl to New York, the Polish NeSpoon adorns the urban scene with an organic lace, a sort of soothing balm or lightweight webbed connective tissue that heals the damaged man-made environment, making it stronger and whole. Decidedly feminine and resolutely decorative, you discover NeSpoon on an old wall or abandoned space in a city and realize that what she brought is exactly what was needed. Today she shares a moment in 2017 that highlighted one of the many ironies of our personal/public identity in the world, depending on where you are and who is looking at you.


The choice of the picture was not easy, because I feel a strong, personal bond with all my works. Finally, I send you this photo, made during an opening of an exhibition in Warsaw. The jacket ‘Artist’ was designed by me and made by the company producing uniforms for police and public services. That night I met by chance my two friends wearing clothes with a good comment on how I felt often in 2017.

Life is sometimes so ironic.


NeSPoon. Warsaw, Poland. November 11th, 2017. (photo © Piotr Rosiński)