BSA Film Friday: 08.25.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Fin DAC and ‘Shukumei’ on a Rooftop in San Francisco
2. Nevercrew in Satka
3. Dabs & Myla in L.A.
4. Miedo in Barcelona for 12 + 1 Project


BSA Special Feature: Fin DAC on a Rooftop in San Francisco

On an expansive rooftop in rainy/sunny/rainy San Francisco, Street Artist Fin Dac brings to life ‘Shukumei’, an ebullient and mysterious muse. The film is largely a stop motion record of the work set to music, but did you notice how much dexterity and effort goes into this precision play when you are working at this angle, basically painting the floor? The remarkable integration of the glowing skylight orb, dramatically revealed, imparts the figure a mystical dimension as well.

Video editing by Tonic Media, Soundtrack by Mombassa/Lovechild, and shout out to Ian and Danielle at Rocha Art and Missy Marisa, model.


Nevercrew Papers Over a Bear in Satka

As we wrote in June “Never Crew is in the Ural Mountains in Satka, Russia with a message about man’s disconnection with nature. Their murals often contain one large animal, and this time a bear takes center stage – rather papered over by industrial “progress,” perhaps?”


Dabs & Myla in L.A.

Spreading their brand of cosmic love in Los Angeles the Australian born duo Dabs and Myla a interspersed here painting amongst some retro footage of this city famous for its plasticity. Video by Zane Meyer from Chop ’em Down Films.



Miedo 12 Paints Nothingness More Than Infinitein Barcelona

The well known Valencia-based graffiti writer Miedo 12 paints with the 12 + 1 Project here with a touch of aerosol existentialism – something that may happen to you as years tumble by. For this wildstyle master the action and fire is captured adeptly by videographer David B Rock.