TRUMP Art on News Stands Shockingly Pointed

The Street Art has certainly been ahead of the pack this past year when it comes to drawing connections between Trump and fascism, racism, Nazis, and the KKK and we’ve been trying to document it as it appears weekly. We thought it was remarkable this week to see what common images are showing up on trusted magazine covers in the US and around the world.

The shocking images are unequivocally depicting the White House occupant as a Ku Klux Klansman in a suit, or draped in the stars and stripes doing the Nazi salute. Metaphors abound, and he’s fanning the flames, exhorting the troops, putting winds in the sails – of racist white supremacy.

Graphic, simple, stark, they have the same impact as a stencil on the street, acting as pointed visual accusations meant to alarm readers about where we are and warn about where we’re going.

MICA faculty member makes waves for New Yorker cover illustration of Trump  by Brittany Britto at The Baltimore Sun


Artist Jon Berkeley Explains His Stunning, KKK-Tinged Economist Cover by Katherine Brooks on Huffpost


Behind TIME’s ‘Hate in America’ Cover by artist Edel Rodriguez 

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