Pejac is Looking for “Redemption” with Particle Board

Each of us is looking for redemption, or probably will be.

At least that appears to be the theme for the new series of works by Spanish Street Artist PEJAC, a few shots of which we have today from his work on particle board in the studio.

“Each drawing in this ‘Redemption’ series are a tribute to nature. Any other subject would have been frivolous,’ he says.

Pejac (photo © Pejac)

With this curious wood product that is made of wood pieces pressed together – sort of like that orange cheese product that is made of cheese products – PEJAC finds a canvas. Using pencil and ink to draw forward certain floating elements while pushing back others, perspective is achieved. The small wooden model raises its palm upward as if to say, “why?”.

“These panels have some sort of aesthetic warmth but at the same time a sense of devastation, making it very contradictory, which directly refers to my way of understanding art. Expressing myself on thousands of small pieces of wood feels like “tattooing” on the stripped skins of trees,” he says.

Pejac (photo © Pejac)

Pejac (photo © Pejac)