Happy New Year 2017 from BSA !


Times Square. New York City. December 2016. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Pop the cork, throw the confetti!

Happy New Year to all the BSA Readers and fans and family!

As ever we begin this new year with gratitude to you for the old one. We learned a lot from you and from wise guides who helped us steer this path, leaning on the counsel of fans, artists, cultural observers, museum directors, curators, gallerists, photographers, writers, collectors, documentarians, academics, scholars, hoodlums, naysayers, critics, weirdos, and modern icons; all manner of cultural workers.

What we have found is that Street Art, graffiti, and urban art are still open to everyone who has the courage to tap into the creative spirit.


We’re immensely thankful to the stellar group of talents who each contributed to the BSA end-of-year tradition of sharing a significant photograph and their reflections on the turning of the year in our “Wishes and Hopes for 2017” series.

We’re always impressed by the depth of resources, knowledge, and heart that comes to fore in this annual round-up. In case you missed any of them, here’s the full list:

 Clément Martin  12/31

Roula David and Jesse Corey 12/30

Selina Miles 12/29