Skount Peels Off “Time Layers” in Spain

“Dude how was the weekend?”

“Rad, dude! I partied my face off!”


Skount. Almagro, Spain. November 2016. (photo © Skount)

Skount is probably depicting something slightly more esoteric than that Bro-based expression for drinking large quantities of beer and having awkward conversations with women at a party.

We’ve all been there, don’t judge.


Skount. Almagro, Spain. November 2016. (photo © Skount)

It is notable how a few illustration-based artists on the street have been slicing or dissecting the human form and looking at the insides of us in a diagrammatic or metaphorical way, with the Austrian Nychos coming to mind as the primary experimenter. The Belgian ROA often dissects the animal world to let us see inside as well. In the case of many works by the Amsterdam-based Skount, the figure is more often used to illustrate spiritual matters and metaphysical realms.

“This mural is a surreal representation of the layers generated by the passage of time in our inner selves and that are part of out identity,” he explains of this mural when recently visiting his original hometown Almagro, Spain.


Skount. Almagro, Spain. November 2016. (photo © Skount)

With “Time Layers”, the artist says he is referring to the accumulated information and experiences that we gather along the life path.

“Over the years, we live through different situations, both good and bad,” he says. “We meet different people, we visit different places and we draw on different emotions and feelings generated by everything around us. All of this is saved in our memory and subconscious, stored in layers that shape and draw our inner universe, forming our identity and making us who we are.”


Skount. Almagro, Spain. November 2016. (photo © Skount)