BSA Film Friday: 11.18.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Labrona Unveiled
2.  Opiemme: Lodz Of Eggs
3. Resoborg “Love Imvelo” in South Africa
4. Brad Eastman AKA Beastman in Sydney



BSA Special Feature: Labrona Unveiled

Not exactly overlooked but perhaps under-sung, the work of freight train-writer/figurative painter Labrona has appeared on BSA since our beginning and for the first time you have an opportunity to see the artist and hear his voice. Up until now he has preferred to be remain somewhat anonymous individually but is pulling back the curtain in his unassuming way.

See and hear him describe his sort of organic progression from the illegal walls on street to the to legal murals and gallery canvasses. You do not get the sense that Labrona has been in it for fame, rather the love of art and his own studies of art history.

Opiemme: Lodz Of Eggs

The Italian artist Opiemme realized a site specific project for Urban Forms Foundation recently in Lodz with a collective performance involving community members throwing paint filled eggs.

It is rather difficult to understand what it all means, or how it is related to the astrological sign Taurus, or even if the participants had a clear idea what the bigger story was. But it looks like a fun interactive event for people to engage with art.


Resoborg “Love Imvelo” in South Africa

Wesley van Eeden aka Resoborg was in South Africa recently painting a mural for a lifestyle brand of clothing. He says that “Love Imvelo” is influenced by the Zulu word for the environment and he was to encourage our love for it.

Brad Eastman AKA Beastman in Sydney

Brad Eastman talks about his wall for a real estate firm in downtown Sydney.