BSA Film Friday: 11.04.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. OFICIO: Short Documentary. Kosovo Gallery. Cordoba, Argentina
2. Kris Kim Takes a Walk Along Tracks in Washington, DC.
3. Bebo in Oaxaca for the 2nd Stencil Festival




BSA Special Feature: OFICIO: Short Doc from Cordoba, Argentina

This week we have a short documentary showing the development of an artists residence in the city of Cordoba, which housed several artists from different cities. Done in cooperation with Kosovo Gallery, the mural projects objective is to develop a series of murals in two districts of the city. Here in Spanish the artists talk about their experiences and the interaction with the communities that they are working within – whom will live with the works once the artists have departed.

Artists who participated in OFICIO: Zosen, Mina Hamada, Elian, Pedro Perelman, Pum Pum, Joao Lelo, Pesk, Martin Ferreyra, Mariano Antedoménico and Pixel Pancho.



Kris Kim. Aerosoul 16′. Washington, DC.

New Yorker Chris Kim takes a walking adventure to see what kind of wild and wooly art works are growing along the CSX railroad scene outside the DC area and he documented what he saw there with his camera. “I really enjoy the scenic walk in the woods with just a train track to help me not get lost.”

A home made video sure, and the up close captures of graffiti on a passing train can be taxing in the quick blur, but the videographer also does some playful cuts and overlays a large portion of the graffiti discovering with a soundtrack of apocalyptic dread. Enjoy with us the sounds of MF Doom featuring Charles Bukowski adding cheerful narrative interludes like, “there will be open and unpunished murder in the streets” and “radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men” against a backdrop of random shots of railside graffiti.

Also, a surprise ending.


Bebo in Oaxaca

In the Mexican state of Oaxaca the experimental stencilist Bebo furtively sketches his strokes with an aerosol can through the hand cut cardboard to create his new mural for the second annual Stencil Festival there.