BSA Film Friday: 09.30.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. “Street Food” from Mathieu Roquigny
2. Moses & Taps™ in Moscow
3. Panmela Castro in NYC “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”
4. Detroit: Murals In The Market. By Selina Miles
5. Murals In The Market 2016 Brings 40+ New Murals To Detroit.  By Selina Miles




BSA Special Feature: “Street Food” from Mathieu Roquigny

Some simple stencil activism well placed can be very effective. Vulgar, absurd, playful. Call it what you want, but Mathieu Roquigny is the first one we have seen do it. Do not view during your morning donut and coffee.


Moses & Taps™ in Moscow

Famed train writers and fine artists in the gallery, Moses & Taps got a gig with a paint manufacturer and made a short 50 second overview of three walls they recently did in Moscow.


Panmela Castro in NYC “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”

With her lyrical touch and the softest of soundtracks, Panmaela Castro makes New York look like a welcoming tropical oasis. Also we thank her for the reminder that women’s rights are human rights, because it is evident that not everyone knows this.

Detroit: Murals In The Market. By Selina Miles

We had the pleasure of meeting the spectacular video storyteller Selina Miles in Detroit. She only confirmed to us that the spirit and intellect and talent are all there and so much more is in store from this fine person. Here are a couple of the short videos she made with the 1xRun team while in the Motor City.

Dozens Of Murals Take Shape In Eastern Market For Murals In The Market 2016. By Selina Miles