Corn79 and His New Mural in Tiny Villa Lagarina, Italy

For the past week the Turin-born artist Corn79 has been creating a new mural in Villa Lagarina, a small town of less than 4,000 in the lush mountains of Trentino. Working on a lift only a hundred meters or so from La Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta, the architectural focal point for the town, the former graffiti writer has created a mural that emulates the physical and the spiritual elements of the historic with a distinctly modernist regard.


Corn79. Villa Lagarina, Italy. April 2016. (photo courtesy of the artist)

Look closely as the new piece in context and you will see the echoing of the geometry of the street and the lines of the architecture that surround it. Corn79, who also goes by his given name of Riccardo Lanfranco, often incorporates the forms of the natural world cavorting, making poetry with those of the human-made. Even without a textual element, you can see that he has an influence of calligraphic precision.


Corn79. Villa Lagarina, Italy. April 2016. (photo courtesy of the artist)

Fanning overlapping cones of rays shooting into the atmosphere at different lengths, a concentric communication between shapes, geometric forms, line-screens that envelop and cradle, pinch and expand. As tempting as it would be to draw a correlation only to the spiritual influences of a the holy building nearby, one will also be reminded of the leaping electronic graphic representations of data we see on screens today in music, medicine, manufacturing – perhaps every industry. These are organic influences now more formally ordered, reined in with parallel sun or energy rays poking through the clouds, heavenward and outward.


Corn79. Villa Lagarina, Italy. April 2016. CLICK on image to enlarge. (photo courtesy of the artist)

The mural was commissioned by the association “La Saletta – Associazione MultiVerso” and Corn79 would like to extend many thanks to them and Luca Pichenstein. We thank Corn79 for sharing these exclusive images with BSA readers.