Spring Has Sprung : BonBon, UNO, and OX on the Street

It has been two days since the Sun was directly over the Equator and she is heading north to bring the Global North a lot of flowers and blossoms in the earliest spring since 1896. Today we have newly budded interventions from three cities in this warming hemisphere that may make you think of Spring 2016. See here new pieces from Amsterdam, Rome and Paris by sticker artist BonBon, wheat paster UNO and site-specific billboard jacker OX respectively.


BonBon. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. March 2016. (photo © @BonBon_Art)


BonBon. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. March 2016. (photo © @BonBon_Art)


UNO. Rome, Italy. March 2016. (photo © UNO)

Rome-based Street Artist UNO has on his mind the Surpreme Leader of North Korea, who Vanity Fair recently contrasted with a potential US President Trump. These don’t really look like Kim Jong-un’s features nor pallor but that fabulous hair is hitting the heights like a nuclear explosion! BTW Uno puts his own two-eye logo in the wallpaper pattern in the background. And no, we do not understand any of this at all.


OX. Paris, France. March 2016. (photo © OX)

And finally, new billboard takeovers by the minimalist conceptualist OX in Paris, whose installations are deeply sympathetic with their environment, often mimicking the colors/shapes/textures that are nearby. OX tells us, “I found these very “French!” Certainly the first one is.


OX. Paris, France. March 2016. (photo © OX)