Pixel Pancho: “Teseo e il Minotauro” in Rome

Today we have new images of Italian painter/sculptor/installation artist Pixel Pancho doing a mural in the Primavelle district in Rome just after his new solo show at Varsi Gallery. Reimagining the mythological as robotic, his violent struggles are at once crushing and sensual, brutally lyrical, animatronically efficient.

Just enough gauzy romance remains in the details for neighbors in this famously popular suburb to appreciate the modern take on a classical story, and Pixel Pancho continues his passionate onward march across walls of cities around the world.


Pixel Pancho. Galleria Varsi. Rome, February 2016. (photo © @theblindeyefactory)


Pixel Pancho. Galleria Varsi. Rome, February 2016. (photo © @theblindeyefactory)


Pixel Pancho. Galleria Varsi. Rome, February 2016. (photo © @theblindeyefactory)


Pixel Pancho“Androidèi“. Galleria Varsi. Rome, February 2016. (photo © @theblindeyefactory)


Pixel Pancho. Galleria Varsi. Rome, February 2016. (photo © @theblindeyefactory)

Check out Pixel Pancho’s new video for this piece tomorrow on BSA Film Friday.

Pixel Pancho’s solo exhibition “Androidèi” is currently on view at Galleria Varsi in Rome. Click HERE for more information.

Our most sincere thanks to BSA Contributors Lorenzo and Giorgio at BlindEyeFactory.com for sharing their photos with BSA readers.

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