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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. “Rise and Fall” for Clorofilla with Andreco
Hitnes. The Image Hunter / Voodoo Duck
3. Hitnes.  Sketches From The South


BSA Special Feature: “Rise and Fall” for Clorofilla with Andreco

“Nature as Art” is the organizing principle that Andreco creates around, and the Clorofilla Project in Belluno in Veneto, Italy happily invited him to participate this July with other artists to create art specific to the location. “Rise and Fall reflects the shape and construction of the most commonly seen rock in the area called dolomite. A geologist, author, and artist, Andreco participated in this event organized by another Street Artist Ericailcane, asked artists to weave a personal dialogue with the art that responds directly to the lives of the people here and the environment they live in.

Pillole di Clorofilla 2015

Hitnes. The Image Hunter / Voodoo Duck

At the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary in Corolla, NC, The Image Hunter discovers the importance of duck decoys in Currituck County.


Hitnes. The Image Hunter / Sketches From The South

A look at how the nature Hitnes has discovered in Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina have influenced his sketches and eventual murals at each stop.


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