We Love Paris In The Spring Time! New Shots of Street Art.

When Cole Porter wrote “I love Paris in the Springtime!” in 1953 he probably was thinking of showgirls and their suitors and the wickedness of the Montmartre dance halls in the 1890s, but when photographer Sandra Hoj was in Paris last week she was thinking of aerosol paintings and paste-ups, and her enthusiasm was equal or greater to Porters.

“Five full glorious days in one of my favorite cities,” she writes when talking about her excursions into the Paris Street Art scene, saying, “Noticing street art is a party, not a job. It’s time to dance.”

Now back in Copenhagen where she blogs and writes about infrastructure, urban planning, bike parking, and trees, Ms. Hoj happily shares her newest Paris findings with BSA readers, and we thank her for it!

“I miss Paris already,” she adds.



Vinie. Detail. Le Mur. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Vinie. Le Mur. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Big Ben. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Big Ben. Detail. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


The Outings Project. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)

The Outings Project; a cool participative art project, moving Renaissance museum art into the streets. It is spreading all over the world. I caught this one in Paris, before I even knew that it was part of something bigger,” says Sandra.


Zag et Sia. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Levalet. Detail. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Levalet. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


K-Bal. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Jo Di Bona. Detail. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Jo Di Bona. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


ThyM’arengo. Detail. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


ThyM’arengo. Paris. France. May 2015. (photo © Sandra Hoj)

A few links about the artists from Sandra:

Jo Di Bona (https://instagram.com/jodibona/ and https://www.facebook.com/popgraffiti)

Vinie  (http://www.viniegraffiti.com/)

Zag et Sia (https://fr-fr.facebook.com/ZaG47)

ThyM’arengo (https://www.facebook.com/thymarengo)

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to Sandra for sharing with us her findings in Paris. Make sure to visit Sandra’s blog called  Classic Copenhagen

Avalon Jazz Band – I Love Paris


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