Windows of Her Soul: Saint Bernadette Appears at Sicilian Church

Collettivo FX and Saturday Prayer Services in Sicily

She’s a saint! A patron saint for Catholic believers who looks out for the poor, the ill, and shepherds and shepherdesses, who lived in France in the 1800s and is buried there at a convent.  Collettivo FX gave her windows for eyes at this abandoned church in Sicily.

Below it they inscribed: “Questa è Santa Bernardette, patrona dei pastori e delle lavoratrice della terra. Decidete voi se non ha occhi per quello che avete fatto qui non si può vedere oppure ha la luce negli occhi per illuminare le vostre teste”

We just want to see it with the lights coming through her eyes…


Collettivo FX. “Santa Bernardette” Sicily, Italy. Nov. 2014. (photo © Collettivo FX)


Collettivo FX. The abandoned church in Sicily, Italy. Nov. 2014. (photo © Collettivo FX)


Collettivo FX. “Santa Bernardette” Sicily, Italy. Nov. 2014. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE (photo © Collettivo FX)


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