BSA Film Friday: 11.21.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. We Don’t Need More Rats: The Clandestine White-washing of 5Pointz
2. DISTORT by Element Tree and Art Primo

BSA Special Feature: We Don’t Need More Rats: The Clandestine White-washing of 5Pointz

Hard to believe it has been a year since 5Pointz was buffed, and yet the shock to many has gradually sunk in. Almost a year to the day, we give you this personal remembrance through the eyes of a hometown filmmaker named P. J. Monsanto. With interviews with a few of the artists who had a close association with the graffiti holy place and some helpful backgrounding detail, Monsanto gives you a sense of the shock many felt the morning after the white-wash. Big Ups to P.J. for putting together this piece of New York’s collective history.


DISTORT by Element Tree and Art Primo

Distort takes his time on this roof burner captured on a sunny afternoon in New Jersey by Element Tree and Art Primo.



You saw it first here! Hot Tea shares with BSA his latest installation and his commentary on the loss of an iconic building for that renegade brand of painting that New York is known for. This family owned building on Bowery and Spring in Soho that is one of the last spots in Manhattan for graff and Street Artists to hit up has been sold – for millions. For most Street Artists the allure of Manhattan has long since died, but every last bite of the Gentrification Monster has been a moment to pause, to consider the mall-ification of a vibrant downtown culture and a city once full of wild wonder and to say, “UUGGHH”.