Opiatic Overunder Gives You Poppies in Cleveland

As we enter into the languid sweaty city summer of your dreams and the cloud of concrete dust and carbon dioxide kicked up by passing cars settles onto your dewey skin, it’s time to spend a few hours with aerosol cans on a wall.


Overunder “Pop and Poppy”. Sinclair CU (photo © Overunder)

“It’s been busy lately,” says Overunder, who is relishing an extended tour through select cities this summer and he’s already on his way now to Baton Rouge at the Museum of Public Art for a mural program with young adults.

But here we bring you his latest interactions with fluid geometric forms, pulldown gates, planes and poppies. Yes, bright red poppies.  May they provide an opiatic reverie to thee in your lawn chair and your bare feet as you mop your brow and enjoy an icy can of cola.



Overunder “Pop and Poppy”. Detail. Sinclair CU (photo © Overunder)


Overunder. Bonnaroo. (photo © Overunder)


Overunder flyover of KH. Cleveland. (photo © Overunder)


Overunder. Cleveland. (photo © Overunder)


Overunder. Cleveland. (photo © Overunder)


Overunder. Bonnaroo. (photo © Overunder)


“Summer Sketch” by Chet Baker – a fitting accompaniment to your reverie…




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