BSA Film Friday: 01.24.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Tati by Miguel Endara
2. Art as a Weapon: Trailer
3. Art Basel 2013 from Serringe
4. INTI Time Lapse
5. Faith 47 Time Lapse

BSA Special Feature: TATI

One of the females on the scene who consistently turns in ever more expansive and high quality work. No need for bragadoccio, just skills, which she has for miles. Here is a new video of her painting a mural for a business improvement district project in downtown Hollywood, Florida, directed by Miguel Endara.


Art as a Weapon: Trailer

“Street Art, Creativity, & Revolution collide in this beautifully shot film about art’s ability to create change. The film opens on the politically charged Burma border at the first school teaching Sreet Art as a form of non-violent struggle. Under the threat of imprisonment and torture, the students use stencils, spray paint and wheatpaste to engage the public and question authority. 8200 miles away artist, Shepard Fairey is painting a 30’ mural of a Burmese monk for the same reasons and to support the struggle for Democracy in Burma.” from Breadtruck Films.


Art Basel 2013 from Serringe

Did you make down to Miami this year to see the new murals going up at Wynwood? No problem, here is a very good  overview from Element Tree / Art Primo.


INTI Time Lapse from Tost Films


Faith47 Timelapse from Tost Films