13 from 2013 : Brock Brake “Being In the Middle of Creativity”


Happy Holidays to all you stupendous and talented and charming BSA readers! We thank you from the bottom of our socks for your support this year. The best way we can think of to celebrate and commemorate the year as we finish it is to bring you 13 FROM 2013 – Just one favorite image from a Street Art or graffiti photographer that brings a story, a remembrance, an insight or a bit of inspiration to the person who took it. For the last 13 days they will share a gem with all of us as we collectively say goodbye and thank you to ’13.



Photographer and periodic contributor to BSA, Brock Brake moved from Chicago to San Francisco to discover a new world a couple of years ago and he has been working with gallerists, art, and Street Artists of many kinds since then.

Brock looks at his photography as one part of a greater holistic practice that includes interacting with people and art and the scene itself. The image he captures is as much about the situation as it is the subject.


Spencer Keeton Cunningham at work. Miami 2013. (photo © Brock Brake)

Being In the Middle of Creativity

~Brock Brake

Doing what I do as a photographer living in San Francisco and as an art handler at White Walls Gallery, I build a relationship with artists while documenting and helping with the development of their exhibitions.  It’s always a great feeling to start a new relationship and to revisit old ones with some of the most creative people in the world. It’s kind of a crazy thing to think about; I’ve placed myself right in the middle of the creative process and I enjoy sharing it with BSA.

My pictures are usually focused around the process of work being created.  Sometimes I find the process more interesting than the final piece itself.  I’m a photojournalist by experience so I take a large amount of images and try to select the best ones as if they were going out for print.  I enjoy all of the minor details, the problem solving that occurs, and the long conversations that are made in such a creative situation.  It’s therapeutic in a way.

There is more to it, more involvement, than just showing up with a camera and pressing the button.  I try to develop a sense of comfort between myself and the artist. Once you have the awkward first impressions out of the way and you start conversing, then everything becomes golden.  Sometimes I help paint walls or hang work.  The best is closely assisting in the creation of installations for their show, a lot of times working late into the night and taking photos along the way.

I have a unique perspective on how things are done and wanted to share these moments with you.  So thanks to everyone at Brooklyn Street Art and all the artist out there that have let me lend a hand and take some pictures.


Artist: Spencer Keeton Cunningham
Location: San Francisco, CA. 2013




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