BSA Film Friday: 10.18.13



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. Charlie Ahearn, Lee Quinones & Meres on “Wild Style” + 5 Pointz + Banksy
2. PIXOTE Outlaw
3. The Lurkers in Copenhagen
4. Anthony Lister is Never Odd or Even (Part 2)
5. Enzo & Nio Indoors in Cambridge


BSA Special Feature:
Charlie Ahearn, Lee Quinones & Meres on “Wild Style”, 5 Pointz, and Banksy

This week as Banksy continues his month-long “residency” in New York, three old-school heads from New York helped keep the current hype in perspective with this half hour interview with Ricky Camelleri at HuffPost Live right in the middle of Manhattan. Marking the 30th anniversary of the movie “Wild Style” and the current concerns around the announced razing of the graffiti/street art holy place 5 Pointz in Queens, the conversation includes 70s NYC train bomber Lee Quinones, Director Charlie Ahearn, and 5 Pointz organizer/artist Meres.  It’s a good conversation.


Basically an ad for skateboards, this little video gives a look at a Pixote, a writer from Rio De Janiero whose large roller tags inspired by Brazil’s Pixação movement have been popping up on walls in New York for a year or two.

“Between adrenaline, chaos, enlightenment – its all these things together,” he says about his experiences on the street.


The Lurkers in Copenhagen

The newest travelogue video installment from The Lurkers is here featuring blonds from Copenhagen, a lot of lounging, and a reggae soundtrack. What?

Anthony Lister is Never Odd or Even (Part 2)

On a backdrop decidedly classical, the swelling and heaving of the orchestra heft, fillagreed with flute and french horn, your man Lister delicately paints the orbit across this wall. Later, as installing his show, he re-writes the introductory text on the wall with a bit of black pastel stick. How often have you wanted to do that? Significantly he crosses out street art and changes movement to “revolution”.


Enzo & Nio Indoors in Cambridge

Here’s a quick video of New York Street Artists Enzo & Nio doing an installation at a restaurant in Cambridge, Mass for a special event. Witness their appreciation for collage of appropriated pop culture imagery and watch as they employ the commercial vernacular of hand postering- that is how you describe it if you are in a gallery.

If you are on the street looking over your shoulder, one may call it “smacking my stuff up on a wall”.

Also, dancing!