On the Shoulders of a Wizard : Os Gemeos and Mark Bode In SF

We continue our San Francisco street diaries with BSA contributing photographer Brock Brake and a mural from Os Gemeos and Mark Bodé, who together include a glorious technicolor tribute to Cheech Wizard and the illustration work of Mark’s dad Vaughn. First off a multi-colored hoodie popping through the trees with a can and “with a JADE throwie on his hat”, says Brake. Not shown are his Nekst belt buckle and a TIE button.


Os Gemeos pay tribute to Nekst and Jade in San Francisco. (photo © Brock Brake)


Os Gemeos collaborate with Bode in San Francisco. Detail. (photo © Brock Brake)


Os Gemeos collaborate with Bode in San Francisco. (photo © Brock Brake)


Os Gemeos collaborate with Mark Bode in San Francisco. (photo © Brock Brake)



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