Judith Supine Scratch and Win Tonight at “Thanks for Nothing”

Brooklyn Street Artist Judith Supine is opening “Thanks for Nothing” tonight at Known Gallery and while the gender/mind bender is fluffing up her petticoats (or being fluffed) for the doubtless throngs you may want to go just to get lucky.



In an unusual and ingenious promotional stroke, guests will have an opportunity to win one of the new collage pieces from Judith that comprise this new show if you have a winning lottery card. All this summer and for much of the spring the sanguine Supine has been painstakingly slicing and arranging magazines and art rags to turn out the cranium melting collages that distinguish his work on street walls and doorways, with the scale determined by the canvas of old lottery cards. So obsessed has he been with these little potential tickets to paradise that a special edition card will be given to guests this evening – and an additional 400 of them will be for sale.


The promotional piece for Judith Supine’s art lottery scratchers. One more way to try and get lucky at “Thanks for Nothing”.

“We made a lottery scratcher that can actually be scratched off and we are giving away five original collages to the winners,” says Naheed Simjee, the brains behind this beauty of an idea. “The winning tickets reveal ‘YOU LUCKY FUCK’ and the rest say ‘YOU LOSE’,” she explains of the functional art pieces. The remaining 400 art cards will be sold for ten bucks.

Seems like you will be lucky either way.

Here are some extreme closeups of the small pieces at “Thanks for Nothing” and see more along with a short interview on The Huffington Post here.


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