Visa Problems? Don’t Worry. ROBBBB Will Take You To Europe

We like to say that the world has become more global over the last twenty years, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to you. Money, jobs, and trade are increasingly free to traverse boarders in this age of globalism, yes. Getting a visa to leave and explore and learn about another culture and come back home may still prove to be impossible, depending on where you live.


Robbbb. Paris. Summer 2013. (photo © Robbbb)

Beijing based Street Artist ROBBBB recently took a small troupe of his countrymen/women to Europe and put them on the streets of Milan, Florence, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon.  He says it is a sort of cultural exchange, even if the real people in these wheat-pastes never left home.

“I put the most real and authentic Chinese people in these pieces so that they could be in a different political, social and cultural environment in Europe,” he explains of the six-city tour. “I also wonder how the Europeans will think of these Chinese subjects and what their reaction is to seeing them in these locations.”


Robbbb. Paris. Summer 2013. (photo © Robbbb)


Robbbb. Milan. Summer 2013. (photo © Robbbb)


Robbbb. Milan. Summer 2013. (photo © Robbbb)


Robbbb. Madrid. Summer 2013. (photo © Robbbb)


Robbbb. Florence. Summer 2013. (photo © Robbbb)


Robbbb. Barcelona. Summer 2013. (photo © Robbbb)


Robbbb. Lisbon. Summer 2013. (photo © Robbbb)




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