Apolo Torres From Sao Paulo To Bushwick

It’s all long limbs and long necks, bending forward to face the journey ahead.  Since last talking to the Brazilian Street Artist Apolo Torres we find that he has been studying the figure, color theory, and the love of painting in New York for a few months. “I came here to study and I didn’t paint anything on the streets until now. I was too busy focused on canvases and oil paint,” he says.

Apolo Torres (photo © Jaime Rojo)

While here he managed one wall piece too, a forward leaning dude thigh high in flood waters and checking out his reflection in a spoon.  “I think it would be a shame to spend three months here and not do a single street art public piece,” he explains about the new work, which takes on a more realistic rendering than many of his recent exaggerated people. Included here too are a couple of recent walls in Brazil featuring the languidly bending forms and exaggerated features and attenuated limbs he enjoys painting.

Apolo Torres. Detail (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Apolo Torres and one of his dudes in Sao Paulo. (photo © Apolo Torres)

Apolo Torres. Sao Paulo, Brazil. (photo © Apolo Torres)

Apolo Torres. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Parque da Juventude en Antigo presídio do Carandiru (photo © Apolo Torres)