BSA Film Friday 04.19.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: “End of the Line” with Anthony Lister, Fasim’s “Ephemeral Mural”, and Kenny Scharf in The Boneyard.

BSA Special Feature:
“End of the Line”with Anthony Lister

Set to ‘I Wanna Break You in Half’ by Drenge and filmed/edited by Haruka Irie, this is just the sidewinding punk rock nihlistic attitude you need to start your Friday with Mr. Lister. Oh, no, this is gonna end bad, I can just tell.

Fasim: “Ephemeral Mural”

Watch Fasim wielding poles and rollers and small hand brushes as an entire wall is completed in a jittery dubby two step that carries you from studio into gallery and then reception. Somehow they manage to work in cinematic psychological drama sequences too.

Kenny Scharf in The Boneyard

Downtown New York goes to the Arizona desert as Kenny Scharf rides out to the Boneyard to create a hippie craft on Supersonico Airlines. That is, once the bees nests are cleared out. This Boneyard Project list continues growing with a list of international Street Artists covering hulking decommissioned aircraft under the blasting sun. Word up to video maker Jason Wawro, who splices up the story (extra points for the Devo track).

Special Bonus – Rock and Rock Dance Party

A bit of amateur video to push you out of the apartment and hit the street and runaround after Sue….. and see if you can dance like this when you are 88. Also check out the very last thing Nana says in the video.