BSA Film Friday 08.17.18



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. El Mac goes to US/Mexico border to paint “Abuelita of Presidio”
2. “Extrapolate” by Johan Rijpma
3. Francesco Pinzon and Sofia Castellanos in Mexico City


BSA Special Feature: El Mac goes to US/Mexico border to paint “Abuelita of Presidio”

This spring Street Artist El Mac painted an image of Linda Luján, 62, a cleaning lady in Presidio, Texas, on the side of a 10 story tower that faces Mexico. The image has gotten her a lot of attention from people in town and reportedly others have mistaken the image as being their own grandmother, or at least a strong, sweet grandmother they have known. He calls it “Abuelita of Presidio” (grandmother of Presidio)

“El Mac isn’t surprised that the mural has a familial feel to locals,” says reporter Bayla Metzger of Marfa Public Radio, who spent some time speaking to the artist and people in town. “El Mac said that when its done, the painting won’t really be of Linda Luján in Presidio, but a composite of abuelas that he’s met all around the world. When he leaves Presidio, he’ll take the faces of the people he’s met here with him.”


Extrapolate by Johan Rijpma

An exercise for your mind through art and mathematics, this animation thrills. A line is extrapolated through a grid, surpassing its boundaries and stretching limits. A project created with support from the animation program in the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan.


Francesco Pinzon and Sofia Castellanosin Mexico City

Here is the process video of the mural that Francesco Pinzon and Sofia Castellanos made for CENTRAL DE MUROS in Mexico City.