Gaia Painting in Milan with Basik and Never 2501

Here are a few moodily lit cellphone photos from inside a warehouse in Milan today courtesy of Street Artist Gaia, who has been working on collaborations with Baskik and Never 2501. He says the new pieces were done in conjunction with a demonstration in support of “Dax Vive” that just took place. We don’t know anything about it, but according to Wikipedia, the term refers to an activist named Davide Cesare, also known as Dax (1977 – March 16, 2003), whose death 10 years ago resulted in riots and a highly publicized trial. According to the site, “Graffiti in memory of Dax are quite common in Milan, but have also appeared elsewhere and abroad; they usually read “Dax vive” (“Dax lives”, in Italian).  Without being explicit in the same way that graffiti can be, it is notable that some Street Artists include imagery and symbols, however muted or abstract, that reference the historical and political along with the personal.

Gaia.  Hand Holding the Torre Velasca. (photo © Gaia)

Looks like a double header in this process shot of Never 2501. (photo © Gaia)

Basik (photo © Gaia)

Basik, Never 2501 and Gaia collaboration. (photo © Gaia)