I Love Paris In The Winter… New Street Art Dans la Rue

La neige! C’est romantique!

It is snowing in many city Street Art spots this time of year – transforming the evolving visual conversation on the street to something more. It may make you walk faster past it on your way to school or office or apartment, but for Demian Smith, editor at Alternative Paris, it is a source of inspiration, even romance. Today he shares these latest snowy Parisian Street Art scenes exclusively with BSA readers along with his ruminations.

The cradle of the French revolutions, a steep and hilly area in north-east Paris known as Belleville, was covered in snow just a day or so ago, and my first thought was to withdraw from this beautiful, dangerous spectacle.

2501 (photo © Demian Smith)

Why expose myself voluntarily to the heart-rending and often precarious trials of seeking out artwork displayed in the streets without censure? Was I going to see an old masterwork? —No.*

However, after reflection, I overcame my repugnance. I had, in my excursions, noticed, among the multifarious artistic creations, so many heterogeneous elements; that is to say, dozens of artists and respondents of all social positions and of so many nationalities, that I began to think it would perhaps be useful to my compatriots at Brooklyn Street Art to view photographs by and by a sincere recital, photographed with a Canon 350D, of the events that are ever more frequently taking place in this part of Western Europe.

Le Module de Zeer (photo © Demian Smith)

All photos were all taken in Belleville in north-east Paris, currently the most active zone for street art and graffiti anywhere in France.

Bvault (photo © Demian Smith)

Jean le Gac (photo © Demian Smith)

Roti (photo © Demian Smith)

Artist Unknown (photo © Demian Smith)

Fred le Chevalier (photo © Demian Smith)

Fred le Chevalier, Gzup and Diamant (photo © Demian Smith)

Fred le Chevalier (photo © Demian Smith)

Ben Vautier (photo © Demian Smith)

Stinkfish (photo © Demian Smith)

MW (photo © Demian Smith)

Artist Unknown (photo © Demian Smith)

Denk Becky (photo © Demian Smith)

Da Cruz for L.E.M.U.R. (photo © Demian Smith)

Cony, Tomek Pal Crew (photo © Demian Smith)

Artist Unknown (photo © Demian Smith)

Mural at rue Denoyez (photo © Demian Smith)

Rue Denoyez (photo © Demian Smith)


* Text is adapted from a passage in the 1871 publication, ‘The Insurrection in Paris, by an Englishman: An eye witness account of that frightful war and of the terrible evils which accompanied it’ (1871), on the author’s impressions of Belleville. -Demian Smith


Demian Smith is editor at Alternative Paris, which reports on Paris’ street art, graffiti and fringe culture. Our special thanks to him for sharing this with BSA readers.



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