New Shots Miami 2012 Update

As the crowd rolls in, the walls are already up – sometimes by night, sometimes by beer.

And a curious thing is happening for the first time during Basel madness; available walls are getting scarce. Artists who came ready to paint are finding it kind of hard to get a spot. You used to lock your doors and duck riding through some of these streets and now there is an occasional traffic jam and lanyard wearing looky-loos mixing with tattooed mustachioed skater dudes and artfully nerdish babes are around every sunbaked corner. As usual, the best way to see the Street Art is to walk, or skateboard. You never know what you will find, or who you’ll see and if you are chill, you’ll realize it’s alllllll good. Here’s a couple of new shots.

Krink and Nemel work in progress for Wynwood Walls. (photo © Geoff Hargadon)

Dabs and Myla work in progress. (photo © Geoff Hargadon)

Geoff liked the fashions at this fine establishment in the Wynwood Arts District. (photo © Geoff Hargadon)

Stefan Ways in the Wynwood Arts Distric. (photo © Stefan Ways)

“I got lucky, I painted a wall right up from the Wynwood Museum. This is my first time using almost entirely brushes with just hints of spray paint. 2501 asked me “,Why don’t you just paint large the way you do your canvas work?” … I didn’t have an answer so I figured I would try… I really like how it turned out and think I might be sticking with this style,” says Stefan Ways.

Stefan Ways in the Wynwood Arts Distric. (photo © Stefan Ways)