Rae In Chicago

Street Artist Rae from the BK tied a knot in the busted fanbelt of his heavily rusted ’83 Camaro with no A/C and made a long hot trip to Chicago last week to visit Nick and Seth at Pawnworks – and to hit up some walls. Whether it’s a scrapyard sculpture or multicolored mural, Rae’s stiff and speckled street dudes are often animated and gesticulating about something very important – but you might not know exactly what. Dapper, direct, and a bit childlike, you have to show them respect because they remind you of your Uncle Eugene who always starts out normal at the family reunion but ends up sitting at a picnic table under an oak tree by himself putting egg salad in his hair and talking about quarter-horse racing or the Republicans or Rupert Murdoch.

RAE (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery)

“We were very excited to be able to host Rae in Chicago to do some work as part of an on-going mural project in the Historic Pilsen neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago,” says Nick Marzullo.

Pawnworks Gallery have been asked to participate on a neighborhood project working with the local alderman, The Mexican Museum of Art and The Chicago Urban Art Society and other partners to beautify a stretch of wall in the Pilsen neighborhood. And there will be more to see first here on BSA. Says Nick, “Stay tuned for more as there is an array of amazing artists planned to come out to participate in the future”.

I had this dream that I was naked and rollerskating in the park. RAE (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery.

RAE (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery)



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