Mighty Tanaka Presents: “Color & Motion” Featuring JMR and See One (Brooklyn, NY)

color and Motion

Color & Motion Opening Reception:

Friday, March 16th

6pm – 9pm

(show runs until April 6th)

(F Train to York Street, A/C Train to High Street)

Worlds are created, destroyed and manipulated with a single stroke of the brush.  Through the swirling movement and radiant bursts exists an abstract landscape of hostile environments intertwined with gentle allure.  A semblance of paths and trails carved through the terrain, guides the eye through a visual exposé of mutually complimenting color tones and textures, further descending into the heart of the painting.  Mighty Tanaka is happy to present our next show, Color & Motion, featuring the explosive abstract work of JMR & See One.  Together, they explore the bounds of abstract art and intend to move beyond the barriers.

Color & Motion is an all-encompassing journey of expression that highlights a strong pallet and maintains a constant flow.  Through the line work of JMR or the color shards of See One, both artists influence the movement of the eye with their chosen techniques.  The work lends itself to a variety of interpretations that exist in the eye of the beholder.

Both artists utilize the very idea of Color & Motion within the overall approach, choosing to create work with acrylic paint as well as incorporating collage elements.  JMR and See One, while similar in approach, both execute their work in unique and mesmerizing ways that invites the viewer to look a little closer.