#1 Saber: 12 Wishes for 2012

For twelve days we’re presenting twelve wishes for 2012 as told by an alternating roster of artists and BSA readers, in no particular order. Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are part of the street art scene around the world  today. Individually, each adds their personal expression of hope for tomorrow.

Today’s wish comes from Saber, a Los Angeles based graffiti artist well known for his signature style with cans and his outspoken opinions on topics affecting everyday people. Diagnosed with a difficult to treat illness as an adult, he has made a very public campaign of his own fight to get medical help. By doing so he is raising awareness about the fact that every day, while politicians bloviate and insurance companies bloat with dollars, millions of average Americans are effectively shut out from getting medical care.

Along with a photo of his daughter, Saber sends just this one wish;

“I Want Access To HealthCare !”