Nuart Update: Swoon in Stavanger

Woooo Hoooo it's Swoooooon!

Woooo Hoooo it’s Swooooooooon!

Brooklyn street artist Swoon and her loyal talented team are laying the plans – and laying out the pieces, the paint, the paper, the placement.

It all takes time, and she’s certainly got a great space at Nuart.  Go Swoon!


Swoon unpacks buckets and cans of paint.


A figure with a city running through her (Swoon)


Swoon team apply color to the black and white illustrations.


A stylish painter sits on the floor works on one of Swoons’ images well known on the streets of Brooklyn (Swoon)

Baltimore restrictions are still in effect.

Baltimore restrictions are still in effect.

Thank you to Workhorse Logan Hicks for his pics and reportage.