LUDO : New Video of Studded Leather Strapped Posies

Detail image image © and courtesy Ludo

French Street Artist and fine artist Ludo can go big and these days he usually does but even with his largest pieces the devil is always in the details, hidden just inside your subconcious.

Ludo. Still Image from the Video.

In the new mini video released by the artist, a gauzy haze envelopes the installation of a floral orgy of S&M strapped cluster of blossoms with erect pistols pointing proudly through the center of their petulant petals.

Ludo. Still Image from the Video.

No one on the street is perturbed as they rush by and he pumps up and down the walls with his hydraulic lift. Ludo’s been working on a solo show in Amsterdam opening end of this month, but “This is the big one that killed my back,” says the artist.