May 2011

Throw Away Art Presents: “Fine-Ass Art” At Kings County Bar for BOS 2011 (Brooklyn, NY)

Fine-Ass Art

Fine-Ass Art

Throw Away Art presents Fine-Ass Art, a showcase of permanent and ephemeral works at Kings County Bar during Bushwick Open Studios.  Expect a full bar and no white walls in sight.

Participating artists include:
Quel Beast
El Sol 25
Alicia Papanek

Reception Saturday June 4 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm (bar open til 4am)

Kings County Bar

286 Seigel St off Morgan L
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC
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Fumero Presents “Fumeroism” At Phantom (Manhattan, NY)

brooklyn-street-art-fumero-pahntom-galleryFumero combines the American pop culture of urban art with his caricature-like, figurative paintings. The “wildstyle” letter design, with its highly stylized alphabetical abstractions and decorative embellishments transformes into the dynamic energy of his abstracted human figure. The visually psychological power derives from a technique illustrating a harmonious interaction among bold contour lines, and shapes filled with vivid colors. Within the contours of the hard edged shapes are intense contrasting colors that interact with each other, creating a moving energy that powerfully projects outward to the viewer.

As a little boy at the age of four, Fumero discovered that he liked to draw. Beginning with stick figures to oval shapes, by age five he began to copy newspaper comics such as, Ziggy and Snoopy. At the same time, family visits from New Jersey to the Bronx exposed him to the graffiti painted New York City subway trains. Looking out of the car window and starring at the trains’ vibrantly painted cartoons and colorfully animated 3-D lettering fascinated him as a child and left an impression that would resurface later on.

At the age of thirteen, Fumero began to create graffiti-style lettering starting with colored markers on paper and ventured onto walls with simple tags and bubble letter throw-ups. By fourteen, Fumero completed his first 4 colored piece and graffiti became Fumero’s primary artistic focus. To Fumero, graffiti was simply an added extension of cartooning and provided a means to explore lines, shapes, colors and letter design in a new and exciting way. The remaining teenage years focused on graffiti art and the development of his cartoon characters, letter styles and color schemes which filled his sketchbook. After high school Fumero attended county college in New Jersey as a graphic design major and then went to the School of Visual Arts in New York City, as a cartooning/illustration major. At SVA, Fumero developed a personal style and the infancy of Fumeroism was born.

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Factory Fresh Presents: Bushwick Art Park During BOS 2011 (Brooklyn, NY)

Factory Fresh

brooklyn-street-art-factory-fresh-gallery-bushwick-Art-Park- bushwick-open-studios-2011Specter at The Festival of Ideas for the Bushwick Art Park 2011


A one day community event June 4th, 1-7pm
Located at the proposed Bushwick Art Park on Vandervoort Place
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Council Member Diana Reyna at 2:30pm

The Bushwick Art Park hosted by Trust Art, Norte Maar and Factory Fresh, featuring works previously showcased at
Festival of Ideas in May 2011, expands into a Sculpture Garden at the proposed Bushwick Art Park site on
Vandevoort Place. We invite guests to enjoy the fresh air and local views surrounded by outdoor sculptures.

Sculptures by Bast, Leon Reid IV, Specter, Skewville,
Ben Godward, Infinity, Garry Nichols and El Celso.

Political Podium by Seth Aylmer.

New Bushwick Art Park mural by Veng.

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Factory Fresh Presents: “Surrealism” A Group Show For BOS 2011 (Brooklyn, NY)

Factory Fresh

brooklyn-street-art-factory-fresh-gallery-bushwick-open-studios-2011RYAN MICHAEL FORD “Me VS Myself,” 2011 (image courtesy of the gallery)

twenty artists from the neighborhood wrestle their unconscious.

An exhibition at Factory Fresh for Bushwick Open Studios curated by Jason Andrew and Ali Ha.

Jim Avignon, Kevin Curran, Ryan Michael Ford, Paul D’Agostino, Ben Godward, Tamara Gonzales, Andrew Hurst,
Rebecca Litt, Francesco Longnecker, Norman Jabaut, J.P. Marin, Brooke Moyse, Garry Nichols, Patricia Satterlee,
Pufferella, Skewville, John Sunderland, Sweet Toof, Marjorie Van Cura
& Veng

Show runs from June 4-26.
Factory Fresh is located at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop
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Andipa Gallery Presents: Banksy/War Boutique (London, UK)


brooklyn-street-art-banksy-andipa-galleryWar Boutique “Metropolitan Peace” (image courtesy of the gallery)

It has been an eventful 6 months for renowned street artist Banksy. His highly contentious opening sequence for popular TV series The Simpsons an Oscar nomination for his documentary film Exit Through The Gift Shop – an event accompanied by the artist’s own unofficial awards campaign where his works mysteriously appeared on billboards and walls across Los Angeles. As well as the ever-present threats to expose his carefully guarded identity.   Banksy’s continuing high profile has brought with it an explosion in international demand for his work. In response Andipa Gallery is pleased to announce BANKSY | WAR BOUTIQUE, an exhibition showcasing an un-paralleled collection of iconic and sought after paintings by Banksy, from the collection of Andipa Gallery, one of the largest in the UK.     Original works on display will include Banksy’s Laugh Now, a unique painting depicting one of the artist’s emblematic monkeys, scaled-up to human size, set upon the panels of a wooden door. A rare work that succeeds in projecting all of the character and raw charisma of a street piece despite being a fully authenticated studio work. Girl with Balloon, one of Banksy’s most iconic images, which infamously appeared on the Palestinian side of the West Bank Barrier, and Custardised Oil, a work of satirical humour distorting traditional aristocratic imagery.   Acoris Andipa, Director of Andipa Gallery, comments:   “As the first gallery to put on a major exhibition of Banksy’s work on the secondary market, which attracted 25,000 visitors, we have witnessed the market for urban art continuing to expand and integrate into the mainstream. Works by urban artists are now beginning to be included in the collections of the most respected museums and public galleries worldwide, including MOCA, LA, who plan to put on the first major survey of street art to be shown in the US later this year. BANKSY | WAR BOUTIQUE will present an exciting opportunity for collectors to acquire original works by two mavericks of urban art – one just emerging onto the international stage, choosing to put on his first commercial exhibition at Andipa, and one already recognised as amongst the biggest names in contemporary art today.”   Showing at Andipa Gallery from 9 June to Saturday 9 July 2011, in parallel with an exhibition of works by urban artist War Boutique, the exhibition BANKSY | WAR BOUTIQUE follows Andipa Gallery’s, recent exhibition of original works by Banksy in Gstaad, Switzerland. An annual show which attracted the highest number of attendees to date, from Geneva, Zurich and beyond, further illustrating Banksy’s internationally acclaimed position.   WAR BOUTIQUE | LOWER GROUND FLOOR GALLERY
From a rebellious youth growing up in Glasgow to the fractious student captured in the BBC 4 documentary: Goldsmiths: But Is It Art? to a ballistics expert with government security clearance but most importantly an artist, War Boutique’s work is as much about transformation as his life. Re-modeling the fabrics of war into installations for peace, the artist’s passion for textiles took him beyond his everyday work and into the realms of wearable art… with a cause. War Boutique’s textiles of choice are Kevlar and Dyneema designed to resist bullets; his form is the flak jacket emblazoned with Metropolitan Peace or the fully armoured chalk-stripe suit for the City Gent Soldier.   The artist known as War Boutique has provided his work for photo-shoots with the late Alexander McQueen CBE as well as collaborating with the royal and military tailor, Gieves & Hawkes, to create City Gent Soldier. He has also provided artwork for some of the most renowned contemporary artists including the infamous street artist Banksy for his controversial Banksy Versus Bristol Museum show and YBA Sarah Lucas.   Working for a body armour company on obtaining his degree in Textiles and Fashion Design, he has designed armour and uniforms from fabrics specially formulated for military use or the British, Egyptian, Indian, Pakistani and Algerian armies, as well as the Metropolitan Police, Italian Carabinieri and Mexico City Police.   The arresting symbolic potential of these textiles led War Boutique to requisition and recycle uniforms, military and ballistic materials and use them in his art, to alert us to the creeping militarisation of our society, encourage us to work towards peace and remind us of our duty to realise this.
The Peace Pods, which have hung from trees and rafters from Tate Modern, Tate Britain, British Museum and Regent’s Park are places of respite for people to enter and feel and make peace. Designed so that its essential for the individuals inside to cooperate peacefully to avoid the destabilisation of the pod and inspired by the form of crinoline (a skirt stiffened with hoops used by courtly ladies) these works provoke us to question the necessity of war and to explore ways of experiencing peace. Commissioned by Gieves & Hawkes, City Gent Soldier (2005) wears a perfectly tailored suit using the finest Gieves & Hawkes cloth cut and sewn by their finest military tailors which functions as a fully protective bullet proof garment. It is the contemporary embodiment of the metaphorical ‘armour of God’ needed to stand firm against the villainous violence of today’s world. The City Gent’s accouterments are the breastplate of righteousness: a ballistic chest plate; the shield of faith: a ballistic briefcase; the sword of the spirit: an umbrella sword and the shoes for the gospel of peace: Special Forces boots.   He has also produced child sized stab vests, for the Bak 2 Skool project – a reaction to child stabbings in Peckam – that when displayed in his carefully created mock-up of a Peckham shop front attracted swarms of parents from the local area requesting anti-stab vests to protect their children for the new school term. A sign of the times.   Using textiles bullet proof ceramics, shells and bomb blankets as the conduit to express his ideas, “War Boutique symbolically transforms instruments of war and destruction into constructive items embodying creativity, peace and critical social commentary.” Society for Contemporary Craft.

Exhibition information

Exhibition Dates: 9 June to 9 July 2011
Private View 6.00pm to 9.00pm 8 June 2011

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9:30am – 6.00pm, Saturday 11.00am – 6.00pm
Andipa Gallery, 162 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL Tel: 020 7589 2371 /
Closest tube stations: Knightsbridge and South Kensington
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Throw Away Art At Curbs & Stoops’ Active Space Presents: “Stay Gold” Group Show During BOS 2011 (Brooklyn, NY)

Stay Gold

brooklyn-street-art-stay-gold-QRST-curbsandstoopsQRST (image courtesy of the gallery)

The Active Space will be pre­sent­ing “Stay Gold” dur­ing Bush­wick Open Stu­dios. The group exhi­bi­tion fea­tures Bush­wick artists Don Pablo Pedro, Nathan Pick­ett, QRST, Quel Beast and Vahge.

Stay Gold is a show­case of five exem­plary artists who are based in Bush­wick. The expres­sion “stay gold” derives from a Robert Frost poem but became widely known in pop cul­ture because its two short words deliver a sim­ple but pow­er­ful direc­tive: be true to your­self and your own char­ac­ter. The works in this show embody these local artists’ com­mit­ment to this prin­ci­ple. Each artist has devel­oped their own visual lan­guage to com­mu­ni­cate their ideas, and when the works are con­sid­ered together, a motif emerges that reflects the com­plex­i­ties of human expe­ri­ence. The work com­prises oil paint­ings, acrylic por­traits, nar­ra­tive mixed-​media works and collage.

Par­tic­i­pat­ing artists:

Don Pablo Pedro

There once was a beau­ti­ful nymph, an amaz­ing crea­ture with five heads and three vagi­nas. She was seduced by a mag­nif­i­cent satyr, a satyr who was revered as the great­est painter in the small port town in which both beings hid. The nymph bore two sons from this union, although both were extremely unusual. The first son was born with a lav­ish beard that reached down to the tips of his toes, and had a mys­te­ri­ous eye which resided on his sin­gle tes­ti­cle. The sec­ond son was born with a pussy for a face, and had an arm in place of his penis. In an epic bat­tle not long after birth, the long bearded boy killed and raped his muti­lated brother. This bearded son lives on today, as Don Pablo Pedro.

Nathan Pick­ett

Nathan Pickett’s non­lin­ear nar­ra­tives explore human expe­ri­ence and its inher­ent ten­sion and con­tra­dic­tions. In won­der­ing where our cul­ture is headed tomor­row, Pick­ett looks from present to ancient past in his exam­i­na­tion of the individual’s strug­gle to under­stand its self and its place in soci­ety. Pickett’s work includes sym­bol­ism that ref­er­ences uni­ver­sal truths embed­ded within arche­types that tran­scend the bound­aries of lan­guage, time and form. Through fine-​art paint­ing tech­niques, intri­cate paper-​cutting, sten­cils, pat­terns and line, and spray paint­ing, Pick­ett depicts our myths, fan­tasies and fears. His com­po­si­tions offer a per­spec­tive from which the viewer can con­sider the mul­ti­di­men­sional aspects of his work as a reflec­tion of the com­plex­ity and dichotomies of their own life experience.


The mys­te­ri­ous Brooklyn-​based QRST, for­merly the mys­te­ri­ous San Francisco-​based QRST, some­times makes paint­ings for inside and some­times makes paint­ings for out­side. QRST often paints ani­mals, but describes paint­ing a human as “sim­ply one more strange crea­ture with ques­tion­able moti­va­tions inhabiting…strange and bent places.” The artist says his paint­ings often focus on “the inter­sec­tion of mem­ory, wool-​gathering and dreaming.”

Quel Beast

Quel Beast cre­ates fig­u­ra­tive paint­ings which bal­ance emo­tion and ges­ture in a self-​created style that blends fine-​art and graf­fiti sen­si­bil­i­ties. His work toys with the dual moti­vat­ing forces that dis­tract us from ulti­mate death, while simul­ta­ne­ously cel­e­brat­ing these vulnerabilities.


Vahge grew up in too-​quiet sub­urbs where neigh­bors with watch­ful eyes kept too-​perfect lawns. An iso­lated child with few friends, she with­drew to her imag­i­na­tion and began mak­ing col­lages that con­trast whim­si­cal and roman­tic with unset­tling aspects of real­ity. She incor­po­rates ele­ments of dreams, lit­er­a­ture, music, the­ater and clas­sic por­trai­ture, and draws heav­ily from Ger­man expres­sion­ism and Vic­to­rian cul­ture. Vahge often crafts her highly detailed works on a small scale, using lay­ers of paper to con­struct char­ac­ters and scenes with pre­cise pro­por­tion and depth. She often makes females her cen­tral char­ac­ters, expos­ing all their faults and unique beauty. In all her work, Vahge cel­e­brates odd­ity with elegance.

Open­ing party Sat­ur­day, June 4th, 7 – 10 PM

Open to the pub­lic dur­ing Bush­wick Open Stu­dios (June 3 – 5) and through July 5, 2011, by appoint­ment. Curbs & Stoops, 566 John­son Ave., Brook­lyn, NY

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Cyrcle + Muska at The Barracuda Wall “Post No Bills”

The famed Barracuda Wall plays host to the Street Art conversation in LA once again with this ironic installation from Cyrcle and Muska, captured here by photographer Carlos Gonzales. Post No Bills, for readers who live outside of Metropolis, is a standard warning that appears on the walls of construction sites to discourage outdoor advertisers from plastering their entreaties for you to purchase deodorant, electronic devices, hair straightening goo, and cruises to Killarney. elmhurst_post_no_bills

(image © Fading Ad Blog

Naturally, poster companies routinely ignore the admonition and plaster thousands of ads every year upon them despite the warnings and usually with indemnity.

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-4-webCyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

Sandwiched between the ads you’ll find the Street Artist, whose voice jumps out from the commercial cacophony and this installation is a commentary on the claim commercial entities have on public space, while the tiny public voice is often squeezed out.  While some real estate developers have actually hired Street Artists and others in recent years to adorn their construction sites with their work, the majority of these lots simply are a toggled message of “Post No Bills” one day and hoochie mamas in thongs shilling energy drinks the next.

In this installation Street Artists  Cyrcle and Muska playfully draw attention to these signs and cast them as fine art installation, a deliberate postmodern repetitive rhythmic visual chant for pedestrians and drivers in the city to enjoy.

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-7-web

Cyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-2-web

Cyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-3-web

Cyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-5-web

Cyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-14-web

Cyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-1-web

Cyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-13-web

Cyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-10-web

For those who need to have their street art labelled, Muska and Cyrcle helpfully provide this placard.  (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

brooklyn-street-art-Chad Muska-Cyrcle-carlos-gonzalez-barracuda-wall-9-web

Cyrcle + Chad Muska (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

Carlos Gonzalez is a LA based photographer and contributes regularly on Street Art topics to BSA. Click on the link below to see more of his work:

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Opera Gallery Presents: Logan Hicks “Pretty Ugly” (Manhattan, NY)

Logan Hicks

brooklyn-street-art-logan-hicks-opera-gallery-06-11Logan Hicks “Downward Spiral” (image courtesy of the gallery)

Opera Gallery New York presents Logan Hicks’ Pretty Ugly. Hicks is a New York-based stencil artist whose work explores the ever changing nature of the urban environment in which he lives. Through his imagery and masterful etching technique, Hicks’ goal is to create a perfect dichotomy whereby the granular nature of the spray paint expresses the deterioration of the city. Using layers of laser-cut, hand-sprayed stencils on board, acrylic and anodized aluminum, Hicks creates works that capture the sometimes mundane cycle of city life in a haunting, yet controlled aesthetic manner. In the past year, Hicks has participated in several notable projects including creating a forty foot mural for Art Basel Miami 2010 Wynwood Walls as well as contributing new artwork to the Martha Cooper: Remix exhibition at Carmichael Gallery in California. Opera Gallery is proud to present over thirty new works by Logan Hicks.
Logan Hicks’ Pretty Ugly.
June 3rd – June 24th
Free admission: 10:30 – 7:00 daily
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Arts in Bushwick Presents: Bushwick Open Studios 2011 (Brooklyn, NY)


Bushwick Open Studios 2011

Happy BOS ’11: June 3-5, 2011 — it’s our 5th birthday!

We’re creating an open and inclusive event that benefits the neighborhood by sharing artistic projects and encouraging community interaction and dialogue. BOS brings the neighborhood’s thousands of artists and performers out into the streets and in view of each other, other community residents, and the general public.

About Arts in Bushwick

Our Mission

Arts in Bushwick is an all volunteer organization that serves and engages artists and other neighborhood residents through creative accessibility and community organizing. It is our goal to create an integrated and sustainable neighborhood, and to bring together all Bushwick residents and stakeholders to counter development-driven displacement.

Our History

Arts In Bushwick was founded in the fall of 2007, as a result of grassroots efforts to produce the 2007 Bushwick Open Studios festival.  The organization was founded by a group of roughly fifteen local artists and community organizers, most of whom were involved in planning the 2007 Bushwick Open Studios, and has continued to operate on an all-volunteer, non-hierarchical, break-even basis to today, the fifth annual Bushwick Open Studios we have produced.  Arts In Bushwick maintains a completely open structure, inviting all community members to bring their ideas and to participate in collaboratively producing the organization and its activities.

To learn more about all the events, participating artists and venues for BOS 2011 please click on the link below:

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Giant Throwing Cars? Don’t Fret

Chicago’s own Don’t Fret procured a legal wall in a parking lot to unfold his portrait of a colorful parking attendant gone mad. He says the piece, at 30 feet tall, is the biggest wheat paste ever to hit town.


Don’t Fret. (photo © Josh Mellin)

Says the artist,”Recently I was given my first legal wall in Chicago. I wanted to do something epic and something that was fitting for the environment. This wall sits adjacent to a parking lot that is always just a little too full, so it seemed appropriate to have one of my characters always making the extra spot available by throwing cars. Installing the piece was both a challenging and interesting experience. Hilariously, most people who were walking by when we were installing thought we were taking it off the wall, not putting it up. We actually got boo’d a couple times. I guess people get used to the harshness of the buff in Chicago after a while. I have too to some extent, and that’s why I didn’t tell the wall owners how big the piece was going to be until it was half way up the wall.”


Don’t Fret. (photo © Josh Mellin)

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Images of the Week 05.28.11

Our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring 9, Bast, Death is Free, Deform, Enzo & Nio, Hellbent, Mauro Fassino, Kophns and QRST.

brooklyn-street-art-qrst-jaime-rojo-05-11-web-8QRST (photo © Jaime Rojo)


QRST (photo © Jaime Rojo)


QRST (photo © Jaime Rojo)


9 (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Bast (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Death is Free (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Deform. Caution Ribbon in Dubai (photo © Deform)


Doesn’t he look pretty Mao? Unknown (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Enzo & Nio (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Unknown (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Hellbent reminds us of the importance of dental hygiene. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Kophns on an abandoned motel in Silverlake, CA (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)


Unknown. I imagine he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Discuss! (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Mauro Fassino “BIOmorphing” street installation in Trento, Italy. “My work describes the integration between humanity and nature, it is made by steel painted with enamel, artificial turf and stickers” MF (photo © courtesy of the artist)


David Foote and Anne Koch “The Nest”. It’s not Street Art but it is a beautiful installation at Honey Space Gallery in Chelsea on view through May 29. We’ll keep you apprised of any golden eggs that may appear. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Unknown (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A haunted scene on Cayuga Lake. Ithaca, NY (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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