Giant Throwing Cars? Don’t Fret

Chicago’s own Don’t Fret procured a legal wall in a parking lot to unfold his portrait of a colorful parking attendant gone mad. He says the piece, at 30 feet tall, is the biggest wheat paste ever to hit town.


Don’t Fret. (photo © Josh Mellin)

Says the artist,”Recently I was given my first legal wall in Chicago. I wanted to do something epic and something that was fitting for the environment. This wall sits adjacent to a parking lot that is always just a little too full, so it seemed appropriate to have one of my characters always making the extra spot available by throwing cars. Installing the piece was both a challenging and interesting experience. Hilariously, most people who were walking by when we were installing thought we were taking it off the wall, not putting it up. We actually got boo’d a couple times. I guess people get used to the harshness of the buff in Chicago after a while. I have too to some extent, and that’s why I didn’t tell the wall owners how big the piece was going to be until it was half way up the wall.”


Don’t Fret. (photo © Josh Mellin)