BANKSY NOMINATED: Another Breathless Banksy Update 01.25.11


Congratulations to Banksy and Jaimie D’Cruz for the Oscar Nomination! The Five Nominated Films for Best Documentary Feature Are:

  • “Exit through the Gift Shop” Banksy and Jaimie D’Cruz (Paranoid Pictures)

  • Gasland” Josh Fox, director (Gasland Productions, LLC)

  • Inside Job” Charles Ferguson, director (Representational Pictures)

  • Restrepo” Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger, directors (Outpost Films)

  • Waste Land” Lucy Walker, director (Almega Projects)


Banksy. (photo © Bansky) Image Courtesy of Banksy

Banksy goes to Hollywood or will he? Now that the world famous British Street Artist has been nominated for best documentary for his film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” the rumour mill will continue churning fast and furious about whether or not he will attend the Academy Awards ceremony to be held on Sunday February 27 at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

This, no doubt, presents Mr. Banksy with an existential conundrum: His anonymity, as it is, is clearly half of his identity; His fans and critics fill in the blanks with their own projections about a mythical creature; his personality occupying an anti-establishment court jester sort of space in the public mind. If half of his passionately guarded identity is replaced with a closer to real one, will his public stock go up? His wit certainly would be a benefit when giving a speech in front of an auditorium packed with golden heroes of the silver screen; The conundrum is not unlike that of a superhero, or super anti-hero in this case. One might consult with Superman, Batman and Spider man as they too have been presented with a similar fork on the road in their travels

Of course he could always ask Mr. Brainwash to be his stand in, walk the red carpet for him and (gasp!) accept the award on his behalf should he be the night’s recipient of such prestigious recognition. No longer his understudy, and having “mastered” the art of Banksy’s style and pretty much everything else, Mr. Brainwash would no doubt most graciously oblige.

Betting  has begun in earnest about his chances to win the golden statuette.

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