Wish # 11 : LUDO



For 11 days we’ve presented 11 artists and BSA readers and their wishes for the new year, 2011, in no particular order. Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are creators and fans of street art. Individually, each has added their expression of the creative spirit to the year now ending.

And our final wish for 2011 comes from Parisian Street Artist LUDO, who has gained a great following with his merging of the natural and the man-made world in his creations, like the circuit board butterfly he is in the middle of drawing below. Here is LUDO’s wish for the new year;

“I wish for more and more uncontrolled, simple and fresh moments.”

brooklyn-street-art-Dec 31-Ludo-12-10-webLudo (photo © Ludo)

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