Kate Meersschaert: Urban Archeologist with Camera Phone

“Williamsburg is so layered and changing so quickly… I am so lucky to be able to document some of these fleeting visual gems”

Brooklyn-Street-Art-copyright-Kate Meersschaert-2010-377sfhw161qbl4h1o1_500

Shooting Fossils with Your Phone

5 years ago, it was unimaginable. 5 years from now, assumed. Photography with your phone is ushering a new era in art, journalism, and information.


Kate Meersschaert has been capturing the beauty of the urban landscape in the midst of the Williamsburg transition to vertical suburbia, where shallow glass towers rise over blighted lots, Superfund sites, and Street Art.   Since this spring she snaps the layers of posters and detritus, steel beams, gummy sidewalks… posts them on her site, and is making a book with them this fall.

Brooklyn-Street-Art-copyright-Kate Meersschaert-2010-tumblr_l4pl0vjHsq1qbl4h1o1_500

Some of Kate’s images are charged with activity, some overlayed with weathered echo, others may prove to have a timeless quality. Because they are a “snapshot” using this technology in this location, they are so 2010.


To see Ms. Meersschaert’s project and more of her images click on the link below:


Brooklyn-Street-Art-copyright-Kate Meersschaert-2010-tumblr_l7fxoawzua1qbl4h1o1_500

All images © Kate Meersschaert