Street Signals 10.10.09


New Train Company Hires Well-Known Street Artists/ Graffiti Artists to Paint Trains

Vandalog Blog Writer Publishes New Book About Upcoming Street Art Show in London: “The Thousands”

Veng from Robots Will Kill painted this image one week ago in Bushwick. Now it is going to be in the book "The Thousands", by RJ Rushmore
Veng from Robots Will Kill painted this image one week ago in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Now it is going to be in the book “The Thousands”, by RJ Rushmore

Michael “RJ” Rushmore, founder of Vandalog, and bloggy friend of BSA, is still toiling in the fields of street art, turning out an impressive exhibition of street art next month called “The Thousands”, featuring work by some better-known street art names as Faile, Skewville, Banksy, Chris Stain, KAWS, Robots Will Kill, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Herakut, and Barry McGee.  To accompany the show RJ has written a cool book called “The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In.”  It is so up to date it features an image of Veng’s mural from last weeks MBP Urban Arts Fest! Damn son, those pics travel fast!

Says RJ on his blog “I am ecstatic. This is a street art book with all the artists I’ve always wanted to see in a book together. Plus, it’s not just me writing standard bios for the artists (though there is a bit of that), a lot of the book was written by other contributors. Mike Snelle from Black Rat Press wrote the forward (did you know he is an amazing writer?), Panik ATG wrote about Burning Candy, Know Hope wrote about Chris Stain, Gaia wrote about Know Hope… the list goes on.”

The book is only available on publisher DRAGO’s website right now.

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