Coming Soon! Peep-o-rama with El Celso

Inspired by the seedy side of New York, which has swiftly slipped inside dark clubs

since being scraped off the sticky street and out of Times Square by the Mickeypolice, street artist and curator El Celso is bringing a group show and installation on September 12th called PEEP-O-RAMA.  Echoing slightly the Butt Magazine show at the Asia Song Society in Chinatown this summer, which featured “conceptual” video and booths with strange holes drilled in the walls, PEEP-O-RAMA brings adult themes to 12th Avenue, where freelance sex-workers once roamed free…

Looking for your lost hairpin in Henry's pocket, Ethel? (artist Ryan Frank)
Looking for your lost hairpin in Henry’s pocket, Ethel? (artist Ryan Frank)

Featuring new work by Brent Birnbaum, Celso, Jillian Corbett, Ian Farrell, Ryan Frank, Suzanne Goldenberg, LA2, Jose Landoni, Pamela Lawton, Danny Licul, Linda Lee Nicholas, Dean Radinovsky, Maggie Simonelli, Miryana Todorova, James A. Willis, and special guests, PEEP-O-RAMA will gladly show you their paintings, sculpture, and a full-scale site-specific installation.


Saturday, September 12, 12-4 PM

Reception from 6PM-10PM
AK-57 Gallery
830 12th Avenue.