Jim Avignon at Factory Fresh “Anxiety Room” Closing

Jon Burgeron and Jim Avignon have been hopping around Brooklyn

for the last month since arriving for their very successful and entertaining show that opened on February 12 at Factory Fresh.

Friday the 13th they will be reprising the fun-times of the opening with their “closing party”, even though the show will remain for a couple more days.  Jim is planning to play some songs and Jon is planning to draw on your sweater if you don’t keep your eye on him.

Factory Fresh announces it’s Closing Weekend Performance.
Jim Avignon performs Live

Friday, March 13th from 7:30pm -10pm
Anxiety Tune

Jim Avignon will play songs from his last 9 albums including a few very new ones about that obscure anxiety thing and also some that has Jon Burgerman samples in it.
Show runs till March 15, 2009. Factory Fresh is open Wednesday – Sunday 1-7pm.
Pictures from the Opening on Feb 12
Hold Still while I trace your aura through this cardboard.
The artists hurriedly finish their installation as the crowd arrives.
The assembled gallery-goers.