Posterboy at Eastern District

PosterBoy “AdBooster” presented by PublicAdCampaign

April 3rd – April 26th
Opening Reception 7-10pm Friday April 3rd 2009
43 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY
PosterBoy Street Art and and vandalism have never been paired so eloquently as they are when PosterBoy gets out his razor. Through a simple act of civil disobedience, this work challenges our intense relationship with outdoor advertising in the city. It proposes new ways of interacting with your public environment and challenges notions of public and private space. Out of the work comes a dialogue which is sometimes political, sometimes humorous, and always a perspective shifting moment of communication.

By bringing outdoor advertising into the gallery, this installation will attempt to discuss the appropriation of public space by outdoor advertising from within the gallery walls. The artist, having more time to construct the imagery will engage a more intense dialogue with both the advertisement and the viewer. By physically altering the medium of outdoor media, the PosterBoy movement critiques both the content and the dissemination methods currently overwhelimg our collective consciousness. Ultimately what starts as an act of social unrest becomes a reimagination of the spaces we all occupy and a vision of a different shared public environment.

Over the past year PosterBoy has brought his critique of advertising and public space use to the streets of New York City with prolific force. Eastern-District is proud to bring you his first solo exhibition, including a large scale installation by the artist as well as prints of his now famous subway installations.

Posterboy and Aakash Nihalani

Posterboy and Aakash Nihalani (photo Steven P. Harrington)