Brooklyn Street Art

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External Combustion: How & Nosm with Tristan Eaton in BK

Murals sometimes need to be refreshed, and springtime is good time to do it before the weather in NYC gets too punishingly hot. We last showed you this wall in Williamsburg in 2011 when Tristan Eaton finished his piece next to How and Nosm. (Street Artist Tristan Eaton Goes Biblical) For this “refresh” the guys […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.10.15

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day in the USA and Mexico and about 70 other countries. Cheers and thank you to all the mothers of the world. If only we would stop paying lip service to the foundational importance of motherhood; if millions of mothers would know that tomorrow they will have food to feed their […]

Tristan Eaton and Cyrcle in BK for a Mural

Starting off the week with some fresh shots of new mural work going up by Cyrcle and Tristan Eaton who both were in Brooklyn last week hitting up a spot in what used to be ratty old arty Williamsburg before it became overpriced suburban-office-park Williamsburg. Times have changed but both Tristan and Cycle keeps upping […]

BSA Film Friday: 02.06.15

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Tilt at Nuart and his Schizophrenic Bathroom 2. SURFACE by Søren Solkær 2. Tristan Eaton in DTLA 3. Graffiti Session: USE THEM (W)ALL BSA Special Feature: Tilt at Nuart French graffiti artist Tilt walked the sidewalks […]

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