Brooklyn Street Art

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“Banana Kelly Double Dutch” Returns in the Bronx : John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres.

They’re doing Double Dutch again up in the South Bronx. Way up. John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres. “Banana Kelly Double Dutch” The Bronx, NYC. 2018. (photo © Martha Cooper) Restored to look like new, this is the third time that La Freeda, Jevette, Towana and Staice have taken their rope jumping game to this wall […]

One Night in NYC with 1UP, Martha Cooper, Ninja K : Book Release and Movie Screening

Berlin’s notorious 1UP Crew hits Ridgewood Saturday night along with graffiti/Street Art patron saint Martha Cooper to celebrate the first city in their US tour for their new book with co-shooter Ninja K. Martha Cooper & Ninja K. One Week With 1UP. (photo courtesy of the team) A hot summer night pop-up is available only […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 07.08.18 Selections From Welling Court 2018

“Anxiety is normal in an unjust society” says the new piece by Disordered in Welling Court, Queens, a working class neighborhood of New York where the latest Ad Hoc mural party was held a couple of weekends ago under the direction of Garrison Buxton. He started this festival with his former partner Alison Buxton nine […]

Tristan Eaton and Summer “Intermission” on the Bowery/Houston Wall

And now its time for a mid-year intermission to pause and reflect upon the events that have happened in the first act. We’ve had plenty of treachery, intrigue, jailbirds and back alley suspense. Clearly it is time for a serendipitous summer romance, with Tristan Eaton as director. Tristan Eaton. Houston/Bowery Wall. Manhattan, NYC. June 2018. […]

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