Brooklyn Street Art

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“I’m In Miami Bitch”, Andrew Kaufman photographs Wynwood

A. It has a good name, and B. It’s the way Wynwood feels every year during Art Basel and this self published book by photographer Andrew Kaufman captures the excitement unpretentiously. Andrew Kaufman “I’m In Miami Bitch” ( photo © Jaime Rojo) In the fall of 2012 Kaufman began walking the streets with camera in [...]

BSA Halloween Street Art Special 2013

The Halloween Parade through the Village in NYC is tonight, the 40th actually, and you will see a greater number of ghostly guys and ghouls on the bus and subway and hanging out on the street today. Of course New York has a fair share of freaks throughout the year, and some people love a [...]

BSA Film Friday 04.19.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening: “End of the Line” with Anthony Lister, Fasim’s “Ephemeral Mural”, and Kenny Scharf in The Boneyard. BSA Special Feature: “End of the Line”with Anthony Lister Set to ‘I Wanna Break You in Half’ by Drenge and filmed/edited by [...]

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