Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Picks 19 Things to See at DUMBO ARTS FEST 2014

New York Clobbers Fall again and one of the finest examples of art in the public sphere has again returned to swing the aesthetic bat straight at your head with the DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL. With it comes the electrifying Brooklyn energy that transforms the street into a place you actually want to be in, linger [...]

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.14.14

The street appears in the living room when you visit some artists homes or those of hard core collectors. “Brooklyn is in da house!” suddenly takes on additional meaning. So imagine rolling through a heavily graffitied section of Bushwick this week to find someone’s living room is on display on the street. It’s like a [...]

Dain in Studio; Stares, Fashionable Ladies, and AltaRoma

“You’re not taking pictures of me right? I’ll kill ya. I got a coffin upstairs. You’d look perfect in that coffin. I know that.” So begins our delightful first time interview with the elusive Brooklyn Street Artist DAIN. We’ve only published, say, 200 images of his work on the street over the last few years [...]

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