BSA Interviewed on VantagePoint Radio


Hear a New Interview with Brooklyn Street Art on VantagePoint Radio

James Bullough is an American abstract/photo realist mural painter out of DC-Baltimore and Tom “Auto64” Phillipson is a digital media producer and top-flight VJ originally from Australia.

Brooklyn-Street-Art-Copyright-james-bullough-tom-auto64-740-April2015 Both guys are calling Berlin home right now and together they have co-created VantagePoint Radio, a bi-weekly interview show focused on Urban Contemporary art.

Jump-started by their association with Yasha Young and the Urban Nation, James and Tom have had the opportunity to polish their interviewing skills with some interesting players from street art, graffiti, contemporary and urban art: artists, graff writers, curators, gallerists, publishers, and scene makers in the last year and a half. Among them are Ben Eine, Dan Witz, Olek, Thinkspace’s Hosner, Jonathan Levine, Jef Aerosol, DalEast, Axel Void, Roland from VNA, Lush, Jaz …. a lot of names you’ve seen on BSA plus a handful that we’ve yet to meet.

Their impressive list keeps growing and the guys keep the format open and casual with James inquiring about the creative process and whatever interests him – with Tom keeping him on track and sounding crisp. They also invite guests to bring four of their own musical tracks to intersperse with the chatting to add some additional color.


While we were in Berlin recently James and Tom interviewed some of the PERSONS OF INTEREST artists in the guest rooms of the eclectic and very chill artists hotel, The Michelberger – including Gaia, Specter and Icy & Sot. It was our honor to speak with Vantage Point Radio as well, and today we want to share with you the audio from that interview.

We talked about Jay-Z, Bowie, Bushwick, the democratization of Street Art, cultural imperialism, the UN and what it is like to bust out a blog seven days a week and still keep your mind and heart open to discovery.

It’s a total adventure and we are glad that we met these two talented and genuine guys on the path!



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