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“Liberate the Child Within” Roc Blackblock for 12 + 1 in Barcelona

Free your mind, and the rest will follow. Not only is it a lyric from a 90s pop song, it is a truth that people learn everyday to liberate themselves from attitudes and world views that they’ve accepted but now want to let go of. Roc Blackblock. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” 2017. Barcelona. (photo […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.12.17

“It’s surreal to be on the south side of the US border,” we said last week about being in Mexico. Sorry to report that it may be even more surreal on this side. Trump and Co. suffered a setback on their Muslim travel ban via the courts but are reportedly breaking out the ICE and […]

Sebastien Waknine, Rubicon1, Mugraff “Journey of a Refugee” in Barcelona

As the world looks on and Americans are deciding which of the world’s refugee children to ban from the country, London-born Street Artist Sebastien Waknine has created a new work in Barcelona called “Journey of a Refugee” with Rubicon 1 and Mugraff. Sebastien Waknine (0ld lady) in collaboration with Rubicon 1 (refugees) and Mugraff (letters) […]

A Wall a Month : Contorno Urbano Launches “12+1” for 2017

Walls get buffed all the time in many cities as the municipal anti-graffiti campaigns scour the streetscape for unapproved aerosol missives and get out the bucket paint or bring by the power washer. Irene López León. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” 2017. Barcelona. (photo © Fernando Alcalá Losa) In one Spanish city they are doing […]

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