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Recap of Galore Urban Art Festival in Copenhagen

This summer festivals around the globe like Galore in Copenhagen have given many a Street Artist and graffiti artist a new shot at an audience in the last decade or so. While the old skool graff heads and Street Artists may deride these affairs as illegitimate bastards of a legitimately illegit scene, more artists seem […]

Trailerpark Festival 2012 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Trailerpark Festival Soten (image courtesy of Trailerpark Festival) Trailerpark Festival is  next week once again ready to take Copenhagen by storm. Trailerpark Festival focus on music and art from many subcultures. ArtRebels and Montana ( are proud to announce this year’s street artists and graffiti crews, who will be playing a big part in the […]

Aryz in Copenhagen at Galore Urban Art Festival

Galore Urban Art Festival bills itself as “a gathering point for Copenhagen’s underground where artists can meet, exhibit and share art. We facilitate the raw, the unestablished and the alternative and take the role as an alternative to conventional art exhibitions”.  Street Artist Aryz has just completed this striking piece on the exposed brick side […]

Copenhagen Street Art on Lock Down : Tejn

Danish Street Artist Tejn does some paste-ups periodically but the thing he is most known for is his welding.  Also his “Lock On”, a practice of chaining his welded sculptures to the street with a bicycle lock. In much the same way New York Street Artist REVS has been leaving his welded tags around Brooklyn […]

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